A bicentennial family house

It all began 200 years ago in Metz, when Pierre-Paul Vever opened his jewelry workshop. After settling in Paris in 1872 at 19 rue de la Paix, the Vever family passed from father to son for a century and a half.

Pioneers of Art Nouveau, they won several major prizes at the World's Fairs and attracted prestigious clients such as the Tsars of Russia, Sadie Carnot and the Belle Otero.

After a gentle slumber, the House of Vever
was reborn in 2021,
driven by the energy of Camille and Damien Vever, the 7th generation
of the family, and their desire to adapt the House to the environmental and
societal challenges of the 21st

A responsible jewelry,
an ode to nature and human genius

Vever c’est la recherche d’un monde plus beau, plus éthique, la valorisation du
génie humain, une nouvelle façon d’envisager le luxe hors des chemins classiques, emprunter la traverse, s’éloigner du commun.

La Maison s'engage à offrir un bijou responsable et respectueux de l’Homme et de la Nature, fabriqué en France. C’est pourquoi nous avons choisi de n’utiliser aucun matériau directement extrait de la Terre : notre or est recyclé et nos diamants poussent hors sol, en laboratoire. En France, on les appelle diamants de synthèse.

The sparkle of a new world

The style of our creations is rooted in Art Nouveau, where conquering nymphs, rain goddesses, bewitching flowers, and celestial vines rub shoulders and unite. Vever wants to offer singular creations with the scent of a gentle exuberance, to reinvent the art jewel, which becomes a work of art in itself, for itself.