Mission-driven company

Maison Vever is the first company in the luxury sector to be designated as a mission-driven company. This status, created by the French government, is intended for "companies that wish to work for the common good by putting the resolution of social and environmental challenges at the heart of their model".

The company's objective is to offer a jewelry that respects mankind and nature and is exclusively made in France.

The company is a member of the Mission-Driven Companies Community (Communauté des Entreprises à Mission).

Made in France

The promotion of French know-how has been at the heart of the House's philosophy since 1821.

To bring its creations to life, Vever surrounds itself with the best French craftsmen of Place Vendôme. They handle with virtuosity the most modern as well as the most ancestral ways of jewelry making, such as enamel-à-jour.

The enameler the House calls upon, Sandrine Tessier, is Best Worker in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France -MOF) and her workshop is labeled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant".

The diamond of the 21st century, respectful of Man and Nature,
grows in a laboratory:

Since 1821, Vever has always sought and valued know-how, innovation and human genius in its creations.

In the 21st century, we remain faithful to this spirit: we use exclusively diamonds that human science now manages to grow in a laboratory. Unlike mined diamonds, these exceptional diamonds, the result of decades of research, allow for a minimized ecological footprint, total traceability, and the guarantee of good working conditions for the men and women who grow them.

A lab-grown diamond is strictly the same stone as a mined diamond. Made of 100% carbon, they have the same physical, optical and chemical properties. Their only difference lies in their origin: one grew under the earth's mantle, the other grew in a laboratory reproducing the same processes worked by Nature.

Recycled gold

The world is full of gold on the surface: it is estimated that 80% of Earth's gold reserves have already been extracted.

Most of the gold extracted each year comes from industrial mines, which exploitation has a considerable impact on the environment: mining waste, soil pollution, greenhouse gas emissions.

This is why we have chosen recycled gold for our jewelry and high jewelry collections.

We work with RJC COC certified refiners. The gold they recycle comes from jewelry production waste, recycled jewelry, dental gold and electronic devices (phones, computers).

Our cases

For our jewel cases, we have opted for eco-design.

They are made from FSC-certified paper and cardboard, guaranteeing sustainable management of the forests from which they come. The satin that holds and protects the jewel is recycled.