Our Creations

Our Creative Universe

Nature is at the heart of the creation.

Artistic director Sandrine de Laage has delved into the archives of the Vever House to bring out a new, unique and singular signature. The style is rooted in Art Nouveau, where conquering nymphs, rain goddesses, bewitching flowers, and celestial vines rub shoulders and unite.

The pieces of Haute Joaillerie and the charming, captivating jewels, the ethical and innovative materials open the doors to a fourth dimension, giving a glimpse of a fantastic universe.

A new world has just opened up!

French Know-How

To bring its creations to life, Maison Vever surrounds itself with the best French craftsmen. The promotion of their unparalleled know-how is at the heart of the House's philosophy. They handle with virtuosity the most modern as well as the most ancestral ways of jewellery making, such as enamel plique-à-jour, a virtuoso know-how with which the Maison Vever is reviving.

How to reproduce the transparency of a dragonfly's wings, the delicacy of a sweet pea petal, the suppleness of a veil waved by a graceful dancer... ? Enamel plique-à-jour, a marvellous technique prized during the Renaissance, consists of filling in the gaps in an openwork gold motif with enamel powder diluted in water. The liquid substance, deposited with a brush, coils in the cells and fuses with the metal. A sort of magic... Fired at high temperature, the translucent enamels, like stained glass windows, let the light pass through admirably.

The enameller to whom Vever calls, Sandrine Tessier, is a Best Worker in France. The workshop where she works, founded by her grandparents, is classified as a Living Heritage Company.