Exhibition held from June 1 to August 11, 2023. Currently closed.

In view of its success, the exhibition will be exported abroad at the end of 2023. Details to follow.

Just two years after its reawakening and two centuries after its creation, the Maison lifts the veil on the fabulous history of its dynasty of jewelers, whose central figure is Henri Vever.

In the Vever showroom, transformed for the occasion into a cabinet of curiosities, this exhibition plunges visitors into the intimacy of the Maison, to the sound of previously unpublished testimonials by Henri Vever and critics of the time. Visitors will discover exclusive jewels and objects on loan from family, friends and collectors. They have agreed to part with precious objects, jewels, medals, photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings... for a few weeks, allowing visitors to enter into the intimacy of the Maison Vever.

Address: 9 rue de la Paix, Paris 75002

"It is quite certain that one of the most fortunate changes that have been made in recent years is precisely this mixture of gems, gold, enamel and all the more or less precious materials that make the jeweler's palette so rich and varied."

Henri Vever alias Maud Ernstyl (Art magazines at the 1900 exhibition)

"Stubbornly maintaining the 'classic' will now be seen as an admission of impotence to create something new."

Henri Vever alias Maud Ernstyl
(Magazine of jewelry and silversmithing, 01/09/1900)

Curator of the exhibition and scenography

Evelyne Possémé, Honorary Chief Curator of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris
Christiane Pignon-Feller, Doctor of Art History, Member of the National Academy of Metz
SED Stand Expo Deco, Scenography

With the generous support of: