Field Marshal Foch's Sword

At the end of the First World War, Field Marshal Foch received from the City of Paris, as a token of its gratitude, a sword of honor whose realization was entrusted to Henri Vever.

A unique piece, this sword is a ceremonial weapon with sculptural design full of symbols. The handle is an embodiement of France with, at its feet, the victorious and grateful Alsace and Lorraine. The sword pommel is adorned with the helmet of the generals and set with a frieze representing the Great War's heroes. On its branch, the winged Victory is set with seven stars, an emblem of France's Marshals.

Made by Paul and Henri Vever
Materials: Diamonds, gold, steel, morocco
Date: 1919
Location: Musée de l'Armée / RMN-Grand Palais, Paris