Cleaning & Care

Like any precious jewellery made from exceptional materials, a Vever jewel is delicate and should be treated with care and attention. To ensure that your jewel preserves its beauty and sparkle over time, we recommend that you follow the steps and precautions below.

We also invite you to visit our showroom once a year so that we can have it checked, cleaned and restored with care by our workshops. 

Wearing your jewel

In the morning, wait for your perfumes and cosmetics to dry completely before putting on your jewelry. Avoid exposing your jewellery to chlorinated and saline water, as well as to prolonged exposure to the sun.
Also, it is recommended to avoid wearing your jewellery when you are doing certain activities (sports, gardening, hobbies, etc.) to prevent any shock or exposure to chemicalproducts.

Cleaning your jewellery

We recommend that you clean your jewel with a soft, dry cloth.

To keep your diamonds clean & shiny, we advise you to rub them gently under lukewarm water with a small brush with soft bristles and liquid neutral PH soap, rinsed with soft, lukewarm water, and dried with a soft, dry cloth.

If this cleaning does not seem sufficient to you, we will be delighted to welcome you to our showroom in the rue de la Paix in order to give your jewel an extra shine.

Storing your jewel

When your jewel is not worn, it is ideally stored separately in its Vever case or wrapped in a soft cloth to protect it from any shocks or scratches. And yes, one piece of jewellery can scratch another!
A little tip: when you put your necklace or chain bracelet away in its case, remember to close your jewellery to prevent a knot from forming.

Specific care advice for plique-à-jour enamel

Plique-à-jour is a rare technique that allows light to pass through the enamel, creating a fascinating opalescent effect. An enamel plique-à-jour jewel is resistant, but very sensitive to shocks, pressures and twists - it should therefore be handled with the utmost care. In particular, avoid wearing this type of jewellery for sports, or any activity where it could be subject to shocks.

As with diamonds, to restore the enamel's shine, simply rub it very gently under warm water with a small soft bristle brush and liquid PH neutral soap. It can then be dried with a soft, dry cloth.

We are at your disposal if you have any doubts about the handling and care of your enamel jewellery.