The emblematic Chrysanthemum corsage front, presented at the 1900 World's Fair, is distinguished by its boldness: the two flowers are back to back, one is facing and the other is back to front. At the end of two slender, diamond-shaped stems, these two voluminous flowers seem to be suspended in time...

Its petals are made of Mississippi pearls, each one meticulously selected for its tinted color, which enhances the flower's natural and irregular beauty. Its pointed leaves in matte plique-à-jour enamel supported by gold threads protect this beautiful bouquet.

Its first owner was the first director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, marking the beginning of a strong relationship between the museum and Maison VEVER.

Piece made by Paul and Henri Vever
Materials: silver, gold, Mississippi pearls, green translucent enamel, diamonds
Date: 1905
Place of conservation:
Faerber CollectionSwitzerland.