Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau wears the Ginkgo necklace in yellow gold
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Far from the big luxury jewelers, small and medium-sized companies are pioneers in lab-grown diamonds

Less polluting and less expensive, even if it remains complex to manufacture, laboratory-grown diamonds are gaining ground over their mined counterparts.

"What if, one day, I start the family business again?"

INTERVIEW - Camille Vever resurrects the jewelry company that her grandfather closed in 1982.

the ecological revival of luxury jewelry

For the bicentenary of its creation and after forty years of sleep, the prestigious house has launched a new collection. In the catalog: recycled gold, lab-grown diamond and jewelry made in France.

The extraordinary renaissance of Vever, the Art Nouveau jeweler of the crowned heads

The jeweler of the Tout-Paris of the Belle Époque is in full revival. A house frequented by the Shah of Persia, the Tsar of Russia and even the President of the French Republic, it will be exhibited at Sotheby's on September 24.